The Eighty-Eight Journal

The Eighty-Eight Journal

For the past months Jamie has been working oh his own magazine, The Eighty-Eight, and it's so exciting to announce that is now ready!

Containing essays, stories and pictures curated by Jamie, The Eighty-Eight is a beautifully designed collection of random curiosities that will spark the fire of intrigue in us all.

The first issue contains essays on silent film soundtracks, the curious history of seafaring, the enduring appeal of the muse written by Sophie Dahl and how the icons of jazz made their mark on menswear. Further content includes a short story by playwright Duncan Macmillan, a history of Jamie’s love affair with shoes and an interview with producer Nostalgia 77.

An additional section called ‘On the road’ includes features from Jamie and his band on their favourite places around the world discovered whilst on tour, a guide to making music in the back of a tourbus, where to find the best burger in London and the perfect welcoming recipe for returning home.

The Eighty-Eight also contains an exclusive rollfold transcription of a previously unavailable new song by Jamie Cullum entitled ‘Don’t Wait To Love’, transcribed by bandmember and multi-instrumentalist Tom Richards.

“The magazine isn't about me necessarily, but about things that I'm interested in. I'm really interested in journalism and writing, and I know so many writers, so I thought I could have a go and get some friends involved. Sophie's a writer, my best friend is a playwright, another runs an amazing burger blog and others interested in short stories. Not many people know that I did English literature and typography, so I got to indulge my passion for fonts and design.”

Watch Jamie talking about how he came up with the idea of doing a magazine and what you'll find inside it.