A new track from Jamie.. 'Everything You Didn't Do' featured on San Miguel commercial in Spain

If you haven't seen it already, a new track by Jamie called 'Everything You Didn't Do' has been the music behind a new campaign in Spain for the brand San Miguel. Jamie has not only written the music for the campaign, but also features in the commercial himself!

Here's what Jamie has to say about it..

"Here's how it came about. I had been locked away in the studio, working on songs for my album when San Miguel approached me to create a tune for a summer campaign, 'Ciudadanos de un Lugar Llamado Mundo'. As luck would have it, an idea came into my head almost immediately. I worked it up and sent it over. To my surprise, and delight, they liked it and even asked me to appear in the TV commercial. Over the last few weeks we worked fast, recording the song with Nita from Fuel Fandango, Carlos Sadness, Frank T, Brad Webb, Duncan Mills and Lee Slater at RAK Studios. We then spent crazy days filming in East London and Barcelona (Hola Barcelona!).

I have to say that we had great fun, and I'm really pleased with the result. From tonight you can see the advert on Spanish TV, but you can see/hear it in its full glory here:

By the way.. 'Ciudadanos de un Lugar Llamado Mundo' translates to English as 'Citizens of a Place Called World'.

Huge thanks go to our friends at San Miguel for making it all happen. Please visit their FB page If you tweet about this, please include #lacancióndeSanMiguel.

Back in the studio now, working on the new album. I'll let you know how its progressing."