Piano Pilgrimage

Piano Pilgrimage

In a new three-part documentary series for BBC Radio 4,
Jamie travels around the country meeting fellow piano enthusiasts and exploring the history of the instrument about which he is the most passionate.

Produced by award-winning production company Folded Wing, the series uncovers the central role pianos have played in our communities in the past, from the home to the pub to the cinema, and demonstrates the continued importance of the instrument in many people’s lives today.

"I think the most surprising thing I learnt in this series was how vibrant and exciting the piano industry still is. The way we live our lives today is so different and sometimes it's easy to think of the piano as part of another era. I learnt that the piano and its place in our society are as important as ever." -
Jamie Cullum

Jamie travels across the UK on his Piano Pilgrimage, meeting students at the UK's only tuning course at Newark College, jamming with Chas & Dave around the piano of a London pub and performing for people with dementia in a residential home in Sheffield with the Lost Chord charity.

Jamie is one of the few people allowed to play the Brontës’ original piano in West Yorkshire before traveling to Derry-Londonderry to meet the talented young pianists being mentored by fellow jazz pianist Neil Cowley as part of The City of Culture.

The series will be broadcasted by BBC Radio 4 in 3 parts starting on Saturday, January 4th at 10.30 am (GMT).

Watch a video teaser of Jamie performing with the legendary Chas & Dave here: