Piano Pilgrimage - Part 3 – The People

Piano Pilgrimage - Part 3 – The People

On the final episode of Jamie's 'Piano Pilgrimage' he meets piano enthusiasts around the country. From buskers to teenage prodigies to people with dementia, he finds out what the instrument means to them.

Starting outside York Minster, he comes across two fellow jazz pianists whose passion keeps them coming out on to the streets to busk on a specially modified upright.

Next, Jamie heads to a retirement village in Sheffield where he performs with musicians from a charity, Lost Chord, that uses the piano to help people living with dementia.

Jamie hears from Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger about the piano playing challenge he set himself, before learning about left hand alone repertoire from one-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy.

In Northern Ireland, Jamie meets the talented young piano players being mentored by Adele's piano player, Neil Cowley. Over a pint at Bennigan's Bar, Jamie finds out from the pub's legendary landlord Joe, how a piano turned the place into the heart of Derry's music scene. Jamie then tests the ivories for a moving final performance together with Joe and local musician Põl.

Listen from 10.30 (GMT) on BBC Radio 4 this Saturday, 18.